Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising just is not a process where you have a budget, spend it on a campaign you think that is going to work, and simply hope for the best. That would be no different than hiring a person to put your money on the line with high risk and potentially losing it while providing little to nothing in return. It lacks wisdom and discernment when one acts without data or a trend to forecast the possibilities and risks involved.

With almost a decade of tried and tested experience in various industries, you can trust that Photon Motion Inc. will always deliver the integrity you deserve and should always have when you are entrusting your hard-earned dollars into advertising campaigns.

Investing funds into paid advertising extends beyond just pay-per-click advertising or boosting a campaign on Facebook or Instagram - it is knowing all the solutions and directories you need to consider listing your business or services on including YELP, Kijiji, Bing Places, and so on.

Proven Return On Investment

Do you need the confidence and proof that your investment dollars are bringing in results? Results are more than just impressions, traffic, and click through rates that traditional digital marketers provide. At Photon Motion Inc., it is a foundational belief to provide evidence and even provide lead inquiry counts to customers should there be a desire to track results this far. Email conversions, call tracking technology, and analytical trends/forecasts are just the cusp of what is possible.

Is There Any Paid Advertising Job Too Big?

Challenges are what force businesses to grow and explore the possibilities. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business or one with multiple locations across Canada, Photon Motion Inc. is available to help you devise clever paid advertising strategies to assist you in expanding your boundaries.

Paid Advertising

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