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Photon Motion Inc. Video Production & Editing

Telling a story has been the most effective way of communicating since the earliest of times. Just as the ancient Egyptians chiselled their stories of glory and conquests into stone for eternity for the world to see, we have a contemporary way of recording and storing our histories and events into mediums that capture more than just the base information they provide.

Utilizing only the best and finest of modern video production editing procedures and technology, you can be assured your projects will be completed from start to finish with sincere professionalism and dedication to making your dream into a reality for your viewers to enjoy watching.

And yes, support for motion graphics utilizing Adobe After Effects is including should you require any customized visual effects and eye candy to dress up your presentations!

All Video Equipment Is Provided

With a full complement of cinematic-grade cutting-edge Panasonic P2 videographer technology in conjunction with cinematic grade lighting and sound recording resources, the final captured product is sure to exceed your expectations.

Limitations & Liabilities

For productions where there is higher risks and liabilities beyond standard filming procedures, Photon Motion Inc. is able to provide project by project production insurance through Front Row Insurance Brokers - The Entertainment Insurance Experts. Four weeks' notice is required to ensure the proper coverage is in place prior to production being initiated.

Photon Motion Inc. Video Production & Editing

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