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Photon Motion Inc. is a marketing consulting firm based in Edmonton, Alberta, offering exceptional digital media services at highly competitive market prices within your timelines and budget guidelines. With over 11 years of professional experience, you can count on obtaining superior tailored marketing solutions for your business needs. Photon Motion Inc. is proudly licensed to operate within the City of Edmonton.

Aspire To Present Yourself Differently

Web Design & Development

Without a website in the modern age, you might as well be someone who is virtually invisible to the public. Without proper exposure online to represent the nature of your business, people will scroll along online just as they would walk by your business if it did not have a sign on the brick and mortar building!

Video Production & Editing

Video is the contemporary method of reaching customers beyond the stories that pictures traditionally illustrate. Consider the reasons for investing into a professionally produced video for your business to share to your customers about who you are.

Social Media

Social media is more than just posting what is on your mind. It is a proven way to cultivate quality leads that convert to walk-in traffic and online sales for your business. Under-utilizing or not engaging with social media is a devastating effect you do not want to stumble upon. Let us lend you a hand.

Paid Advertising

The scope of paid advertising is beyond of what comes to mind as "pay-per-click." There is an intelligence factor required for every business to provide the best return on investment when engaging spend into key media platforms and syndication channels to mass communicate your products the World Wide Web.

Professional Writing

Professional Writing

Since the dawn of civilization, the one thing that has never changed is the need to tell a story. And not just any story will do these days. The demand for originality and distinction in the world has skyrocketed beyond traditional promotions. It is an expectation by your customers and skipping its value will prove expensive.

Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting

Are you having trouble figuring out how customers are and more importantly, how they should be understand what your business is all about? That's not a problem! Tap into our expertise to help you learn how to closely connect your products with a relevant consumer base to ensure you have repeat business.

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